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Will Pointer Metal & Electron Product become an OBM in future?
Pointer Metal & Electron Product Co.,Ltd is committed to becoming one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of OBM of quality vehicle undercarriage inspection mirror . We source the highest quality products for the market. Every stage from design, production, and renovation to final scheduling is performed by a highly trained team of professionals with decades of experience. Produced in accordance with standardized production practices and methods, our products perform well in all aspects.

Pointer Metal & Electron Product is very famous in the bbq stick industry for high quality. The backscratcher series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. A variety of quality tests are required in the production process for Pointer Metal & Electron Product telescopic bbq fork. The QC team will test its dyeing saturation, wear resistance, UV resistance, heat resistance and weaving strength. The product is hygienic and not easy to accumulate mildew and bacteria. The product complies with international quality standards. Made of stainless steel material, it is highly resistant to rust.

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