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Is Pointer Telescopic Shoe Horn repurchase rate high?
Pointer's Telescopic Shoe Horn enjoys a high repurchase rate. Our products are made of the finest materials and processed with our advanced technology. The performance is superior and has won the favor of our customers. Since inception, we have been adhering to the principles of business integrity and customer first, not only attracting more customers, but also maintaining a friendly relationship with our long-term customers.
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Providing a wide range of extra long shoe horn and suchlike products, Pointer Metal & Electron Product Co.,Ltd is well received by customers. Pointer Metal & Electron Product's inspection mirror series include multiple types. The choice of material for Pointer Metal & Electron Product stainless steel back scratcher depends on the optics used to project the image and the desired geometrical accuracy of the image production. Canvas, high-grade plastic or rubber are typically used. Its SUS steel makes it have high toughness. By using this product, people's foot pain problems can be greatly relieved or solved. So people can move and perform normal daily tasks easily. Electroplated with a finish, the product never gets oxidization.

Practice sustainable development plan is how we fulfill our social responsibility. We have formulated and executed many plans to reduce carbon footprints and pollution to the environment. Inquire!

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