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How many years of experience does Pointer Metal & Electron Product have in producing barbecue tools ?
Pointer Metal & Electron Product Co.,Ltd has rich experience in producing barbecue tools . We have a strong manufacturing capacity with our own manufacturing centers, professional production teams, and advanced production equipment. We continually reinvest our machines and people to ensure our customers receive the best equipment and trained personnel – the key to the success of all our projects. Our products have to be manufactured to reach international standards, which we find is a real positive thing for both customers and consumers all over the world as they can be assured they are purchasing consistently high-quality products.

Pointer Metal & Electron Product has long been dedicated to the industry of backscratcher. The bbq stick series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. All aspects of the product, such as performance, durability, availability, etc., have been carefully tested and tested during production and before shipment. Featuring recyclability, it generates no pollution to the environment. Pointer Metal & Electron Product works exhaustively to ensure the procedures and products conform to applicable standards. This product has been certified under SGS.

Pointer Metal & Electron Product intends to be the best manufacturer of extendable fly swatter in the global market. Please contact us!
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