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Has Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool passed the QC test?
Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool has passed the tests conducted by ourselves and third parties. A QC team has been founded, aimed at controlling the product quality when it just comes out. This is the called self-quality test. In order to reassure the users, third party quality tests are carried out. All could be found on the official website.
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Pointer Metal & Electron Product Co.,Ltd is fully committed to the development and production of backscratcher. Pointer Metal & Electron Product is mainly engaged in the business of extra long shoe horn and other product series. The product features minimal temperature variations. In the manufacturing process, it is installed with a substrate with excellent heat dissipation to control the change of temperatures. Being a good and indispensable life helper, it is widely used by people in their daily life. Being able to slightly support the arch, the product can improve step balance and foot strength when people are walking. Its durable and strong structure makes sure that it is not easy to break.

We take environmental protection seriously. We will make efforts in reducing greenhouse gases and energy consumption during production as our effort to protect the environment.

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