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Extended Shoe Horn export destinations
Extended Shoe Horn has proven to have great export potential in the international market. It has unique and important features that are difficult to replicate. Through exports, Pointer Metal & Electron Product Co.,Ltd gains benefits, expands customer networks and is exposed to new ideas and technologies.
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Pointer Metal & Electron Product manufacturer is a particularly popular telescopic pole manufacturer. The extra long shoe horn is one of the main products of Pointer Metal & Electron Product. The product is handled with the utmost quality and expertise. Featuring recyclability, it generates no pollution to the environment. Pointer Metal & Electron Product will highly recommend backscratcher as we believe of its exhibited features like stainless steel back scratcher. The extended length of the product can be customized.

We partner with responsible vendors to ensure proper management of waste. We utilize the waste management hierarchy to reduce wastes generated and reuse materials as possible.

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